Governance, Financial Regulation, and Administration

Governance, Financial Regulation, and Administration

Governance, Financial Regulation, and Administration

Governance, Compliance, and Financial Regulation

Governance, Compliance, and Financial Regulation

Corporate governance systems.

Implementation of corporate governance and regulatory compliance systems, as well as their monitoring and updating.

Drafting of policies.

Ongoing assistance to members of governing bodies on corporate governance, compliance and regulatory matters in general.

Evaluation of governing bodies.

Board Secretariats

Board Secretariats

Organisation, structuring and direction of the management of the secretarial system and its documentary records.

Preparing, running and assisting in the management of the meetings of the governing bodies.

Preparing and advising on the management of general meetings.

Advice and preparation in the drafting of agreements to be submitted to governing bodies and in their notarial and registry documentation.

Advice on the process of incorporation, registration and registration of companies.

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)

Incorporation of ESG in corporate processes and risk management.

Development of ESG scorecards and ESG monitoring.

Financial optimisation of ESG compliance.

ESG training and monitoring by the Board of Directors and senior management.

ESG training for employees.



Annual regulatory compliance plan.

Advice for the implementation of a system of policies and procedures and control of their observance.

Conflict of interest control system.

Related-party transactions.

Preparation of regulatory reports.

Advice on the preparation of periodic monitoring reports.

Applicable legislation-Gap analysis.

Regulatory dissemination. Training.

Representation before the administrative authority.

Family Business and High Net Worth Individuals

Family Business and High Net Worth Individuals

Family Business and High Net Worth Individuals

Family business consultancy.

Governance of the family business and assets.

Family protocol.

Partners' agreement.

Relay and generational transfer.


Legal and tax analysis of investments and transactions with change of ownership.

Representation in administrative proceedings.

Resolution of conflicts between family members and third parties.

Competition Law

Competition Law

Abuse of dominant position.

Claims for damages arising from competition infringements .

State aid. In particular all types of issues related to the application of state aid rules and other forms of state intervention.

Preventive antitrust advice and compliance programmes.

Assessment of commercial strategies, distribution and cooperation agreements, unilateral conduct, investigative and sanctioning procedures.

Regulatory issues in a wide range of sectors, including telecommunications, energy, transport, tobacco, financial services, gaming and postal services.

Advising public entities and private companies to ensure that their management of European funds is in line with EU law requirements.

Advising on issues related to the free movement of goods, freedom to provide services, freedom of establishment or free movement of capital in the Internal Market.

Foreign Investments in Spain

Foreign Investments in Spain

Advice on compliance with the framework for the control of foreign investment, both direct and for exceeding the regulated amount and targeting specific subjects.

Money Laundering

Money Laundering

Advice on adaptation and updating in the field of money laundering.


Whistleblowing channel.

External expert review.



Client area.