Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Our office is organised into four differentiated but fully coordinated practice areas to provide the best service to our clients.

Regulatory and Arbitration

Public procurement, Economic-financial and contractual liability rebalancing, Advice in Regulated sectors, Regulatory risk assessment, Due Diligences, Property liability, infringements and administrative sanctions, Forced expropriations, Arbitration procedures and mediation and negotiation processes, Sustainability.

Governance and Financial Regulation

Advice on Governance, Compliance, Financial Regulation, Secretaries of the Board of Directors, ESG, Foreign investments in Spain, Money laundering, Family business and large assets.

Financial Advice

Intermediation services, Mergers and acquisitions (M&A), Investment opportunities or divestment of your balance sheet, Financing Advice, Multi-sector experience, Processing of 'Next Generation' European Funds.

Labour Relations, Company and Senior Management

Labour advice for business groups, family businesses, senior management, and non-residents. Hiring and termination of employment and business succession.

Real Estate and Urban Planning

Legal advice and legal representation for various entities involved in the real estate sector, real estate contracts, and portfolio regularisation, Cadastre and Property Register, urban planning advice, and urban expropriations.

Procedural and Contentious

We advise our clients on procedural matters in general and contentious-administrative matters in particular. We provide legal advice and defence before the competent jurisdiction in all matters of interest to our clients.

Tartil / ترتيل 

Tartil is a strategic advisory firm focused mainly on providing assistance and advice to companies, high net worth individuals and individuals with origins in Arab countries, interested in making investments and carrying out economic transactions in Spain and/or Portugal and vice versa.

We are experts in analysing and understanding the political, economic and regulatory context, anticipating market risks and influencing the relevant processes for your business.